I was thrilled to discover "Our Era is Now" by Zoe Yu - Zoe is only 15 years old and such an inspiration for all our children! I&#...

'Our Era is Now' by Zoe Yu Book Review

I was thrilled to discover "Our Era is Now" by Zoe Yu - Zoe is only 15 years old and such an inspiration for all our children! I'll be honest, when I was 15, the only things I was really worrying about were not being super awkward for the rest of high school and stressing about maintaining my GPA. It was a different world 20-25 years ago. Without social media, streaming TV, instant access to hundreds of news outlets, and the ability to Google anything you're wondering about, it was easier for our world's problems to get swept under the rug and for us to remain ignorant. I was admittedly na├»ve and ignorant - I thought things like racism and sexism were largely in the past and the biggest problems facing the planet were littering and oil spills. 

Today's youth are growing up in the age of information. I don't think I knew a quarter of the things my children know when I was their age. But this access to information also gives them more power - power to start making a positive impact on their community. And that is exactly what Zoe Yu has done. She has taken this information and compiled it into a book that reminds us all that though change may not be easy, it is absolutely possible. As I read the book with my children, we learned about many women that none of us had ever heard of before and one of our favorites, Frida Kahlo. After reading, we were so intrigued by Filipino banana ketchup that we had to research to find out exactly what it was! The book is a fantastic starting point and resource for a study of influential and groundbreaking women. It is also a big step in what I believe will be an amazing writing career for young Zoe Yu <3

"Our Era is Now" is perfect if you want to learn about women's history. There are a lot of inspiring people in this book. My favorite is Frida Kahlo. I like Frida Kahlo because she did amazing art and she fought for women's rights. She helped women who live now like me. Thank you to every woman who fought for women's rights. - Scarlett Mae, 10

Grab your copy of "Our Era is Now: 14 Remarkable Women Who Rewrote History" by Zoe Yu today!