"My Mom...the Best Mom Ever" by Lauren Vena is an awesome reminder to all the moms out there that our kids love us for who  we are...

'My Mom...the Best Mom Ever' by Lauren Vena Book Review

"My Mom...the Best Mom Ever" by Lauren Vena is an awesome reminder to all the moms out there that our kids love us for who we are and not what we are. That is such an amazing message, and one that we all need to remember and extend to all the important people in our lives. 

I try to pass down the awareness that beauty isn't tied to what we look like, it's tied to who we are. We don't have to change what we look like to be loved and accepted. But at the same time, there's nothing wrong with putting a little more effort into ourselves! I equate it to decorating the house for a party - there's nothing wrong with the house, but the decorations make it look a little brighter and more festive. Clothes and jewelry and hair and makeup can do the same thing for us. 

The book made me think of my own mom and my grandmother and how each generation of moms changes because the "rules" of society change (I think we all help change them a little!). I never saw my grandmother wear pants but my mom never wore dresses or skirts unless she was getting dressed up. The longest my mom made it before getting dressed and brushing her hair was right after breakfast and was always fully presentable when dropping us off at school. My brother and I had cereal for breakfast almost every school day and we loved it (I think there were frozen waffles and toaster strudels occasionally mixed into the rotation :-) ). It's hard to compare my life because we homeschool, so there's rarely a rush to get out early in the morning and some days we get so caught up doing things that I don't get showered and dressed until 3pm! 

I've been trying to make a conscious effort to be in front of the camera instead of just behind it, even if I don't look perfect. The kids love me for being present with them and when I'm gone, I'm sure they'll love all the photos of what I really looked like even better than the dressed up posed ones. My message to all the moms is, make sure you get in front of that camera too! Even if your hair is a little messy or if you're in your pajamas - your kids will thank you for it!

Speaking of kids, here are some kid reactions after reading "My Mom...the Best Mom Ever":

"I think this book was good. I liked how she goes to work in disguise. She was kind of wrinkled before." - Christopher, 6

"I really like this book. My favorite part was the whole story about the mom. She sounds like a nice mom. I would like the author to know she is a good mom!" - Anthony, 10

Lil C, 8: "I though the spider part was really funny!" Squidgy, 5: "But it might still be in her bed when she goes to sleep!"

In the end, I think kids will find the story funny - especially if there are any parts that hit the nail on the head with their own moms - but it's moms that really need to hear the story.