Welcome to week 2 of our 31 days of holiday read alouds! If you missed the books for week 1, you can find them here ! Note: You can downlo...

31 Days of Holiday Read Alouds - Week 2


Welcome to week 2 of our 31 days of holiday read alouds! If you missed the books for week 1, you can find them here!

Note: You can download a calendar with all the books for the month at the bottom of this page. I looked for books that were awesome and also easily accessible - I'm pretty sure I found all but one as read alouds on YouTube and, all books are available for purchase on Amazon and other book retailers, and I was able to find most of them at my public library.

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1. "The Wish Tree" by Kyo Maclear and Chris Turnham

This book is just too cute! It tells the story of Charles, who is searching for a wish tree - which his brother and sister don't think exists. He brings along his trusty friend Boggan (which is really his sled). I absolutely love when Boggan adds to Charles's conversation with a little "wisssssh" here and there. Charles and Boggan meet many woodland friends along the way and it's simply a sweet and magical story.

The Underground Toy Society helps toys find new homes. When they discover a holiday toy donation bin in a toy store, they think they have the perfect solution! But the bin says new toys only! Will the Society figure out a way to help the forgotten toys find new homes for Christmas?

The Kindle version is free to purchase right now so make sure to grab a copy!

3. "Too Many Tamales" by Gary Soto and Ed Martinez

This is a silly story that will make kids giggle as Maria tries on her mom's ring while making tamales for Christmas Eve and then discovers the ring missing! Could it be in one of the tamales?? How will she ever find it? Read along and find out how Maria and her cousins search for the missing ring.

"Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter" is a simple and sweet story about the changes in nature that occur at the change of the seasons.

5. "Sun Bread" by Elisa Kleven

This is one of my favorite books for the winter solstice. In response to the dreary winter grayness, the town baker makes a sun bread. The hot, delicious bread brings all the townspeople out of their homes and even brings the sun out, brightening everyone's winter! The book includes a recipe for sun bread.

6. "Lucia Morning in Sweden" by Ewa Rydaker and Carina Stahlberg

This book takes you through the traditions surrounding Saint Lucia Day in Sweden. Saint Lucia Day is celebrated in Scandanavian countries on December 13th - the old date of the winter solstice according to the Julian calendar. The festival marks the beginning of the Christmas season and brings light during the darkest time of the year.

7. "A World of Cookies for Santa" by M.E. Furman and Susan Gal

This book makes me so hungry! Follow along Santa's route and find out what kinds of treats await him in different countries! There are a lot of recipes included in the back of the book for you to try as well!

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