On the cover of "The Last Straw," Jane Goodall is quoted as saying "I encourage everyone to read this book." I wholehe...

'The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics' - Read and Rise


On the cover of "The Last Straw," Jane Goodall is quoted as saying "I encourage everyone to read this book." I wholeheartedly agree. EVERYONE should read this book.

"The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics" is eye-opening in the number of plastic-waste related facts that are included. But not only does this book highlight the widespread problems caused by our plastic use, it also introduces us to a number of scientists, researchers, and kids who are working on solutions and initiating positive action around the world.

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Featured Story: "The Last Straw: Kids vs. Plastics" by Susan Hood and Christiane Engel

Activity: There are a number of easy ways you can help!

1. Take the Pledge to Be Straw Free

2. Reach out to local restaurants and encourage them to switch to paper straws and only hand out straws when requested by customers.
For more info, check out Each One, Reach One and Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC has a straw program for restaurants to join and it appears that restaurants can receive discounts on their purchase of paper straws through the program!)

3. Reduce your use of the top ocean polluters by swapping single use plastics like straws, shopping bags, plastic utensils, and plastic water bottles with reusable ones. To make sure you have reusable straws and utensils available when you're on the go, make this cute and easy washable cutlery holder! We're planning on making at least two so we have one to hold clean utensils and the other for dirty ones that need to be washed.

4. Of course, you can always donate to an organization working to clean the plastic garbage, collect bottle caps to be turned into a bench or something else for your community, or organize a beach/park cleanup. Or something else I haven't thought of yet - the sky and your imagination is the limit!