While it is actually a chilly rainy windy day here, it's May and we're all thinking about warm weather and pools and...ice cream! To...

'The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle' - Read and Rise May 2022

While it is actually a chilly rainy windy day here, it's May and we're all thinking about warm weather and pools and...ice cream! Today's story takes us back over 100 years to the time 11 year old Frank Epperson accidently invented the popsicle!

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Featured Story: "The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle" by Anne Renaud and Milan Pavlović  

Activity: Make your own ice cream! We chose to make easy no-churn ice cream, but feel free to make your own popsicle! Either option lets you talk about the science behind frozen desserts as well!

Easy No Churn Ice Cream

- 12 oz can sweetened condensed milk
- 2 cups heavy whipping cream
- flavors and add ins of your choosing (check out Tastemade for some flavor inspiration! We did!)

1. Pour the heavy whipping cream into the bowl of a stand mixer and whip until stiff peaks form. Set aside.
2. Pour condensed milk into a medium mixing bowl. (Lil C and Squidgy each made their own flavors so we split the condensed milk into two bowls). 
3. You will add your flavorings to the condensed milk. Squidgy added a teaspoon of vanilla extract and blue food coloring for a blue vanilla base. Lil C added 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and 1/2 tablespoon of cocoa powder for a chocolate peanut butter base. 
3. Gently fold in the whipped cream until it is combined with the condensed milk (again, we split this in half for the two flavors).
4. Next, fold in your add-ins. We added the following:
    Squidgy - chopped dark chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate chip cookie pieces, brownie pieces
    Lil C - mini chocolate chips, Reese's pieces, chopped up peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookie pieces
5. Spoon into a container (we used a 5 cup container for each flavor - there was about 4 cups of each flavor), cover, and freeze about 6 hours or until firm.

And voila! You have easy custom ice cream!

This is Squidgy's Cookie Monster Cookie Crunch flavor!

And Lil C's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream!

I honestly can't pick which one I liked better, they were both delicious! I hope you all have fun getting creative and coming up with your own flavors! And if you come up with something truly unique, submit your flavor to Ben & Jerry's (scroll down to "Connect with Us" to submit an ice cream flavor). You may not invent a brand new dessert like Frank Epperson, but you could create a brand new flavor!