We continued our mini unit study of Mid-Autumn Festival by reading pages 8-12 in " Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival " by Eugenia Ch...

'Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival' Mini Unit - Day 2

We continued our mini unit study of Mid-Autumn Festival by reading pages 8-12 in "Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival" by Eugenia Chu and Y.Y. Chan. This section is all about preparing for the festival!

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After reading this section, we decided it was time to start planning! Since Mid-Autumn Festival isn't until the end of next month, we have a lot of time to prepare. We decided we would have a small celebration at our house and came up with a guest list of close friends and family. Then, it was time to think about food! We used the list of common dinner dishes in the book as inspiration and came up with a menu:

After that we took a break from planning and made another decoration - a fun paper plate lantern! Instructions on how to make the lantern can be found in "Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival." It was pouring outside when we were doing this so I did not feel like running to the store for paper doilies! Instead we glued rounds of parchment paper in the cutouts. Lil C wanted to incorporate the Jade Rabbit into her lamp so she added a face and rabbit ears. Now we just have to find a good light to put inside!

That's a wrap on day 2! But I have a couple bonus videos for you before I go. These two videos will help your kids understand the science behind why the moon changes throughout the year and what exactly is the harvest moon.

Why Does the Moon Change? by SciShow Kids
What is a Harvest Moon? by Video From Space

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