“Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow” is a sweet story about Lexi, a girl with a loose tooth who comes to visit her grandparents. Lexi is wo...

'Lexi's Special Tooth Fairy Pillow' by Ann Morris Book Review


“Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow” is a sweet story about Lexi, a girl with a loose tooth who comes to visit her grandparents. Lexi is worried because her tooth fairy pillow is back home and she’s not sure the tooth fairy will know she has lost her tooth without it. But Grandma steps in and does what it takes to soothe Lexi’s worries and save the day!

After reading the story, my first thought was that I really loved how Grandma was willing to do whatever it took to help Lexi. It is a wonderful message of love and family – we all wish we had a grandma like that! But it is also a lesson in problem solving and a reminder that in life there are things we can control and things we can’t. Grandma may not be able to get Lexi’s tooth fairy pillow from home or simply make Lexi stop worrying that the tooth fairy won’t know she lost her tooth. But Grandma CAN make a new pillow.

I think my favorite part of “Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow” was when Grandma felt sad that Lexi left her pillow behind but realized that it had fulfilled its purpose. As a parent, it’s easy to attach a lot of emotion to an object and it can be disappointing when your child doesn’t love and appreciate the object anymore. Squidgy pretty much lived in a carrier strapped to my chest for months when he was an infant. And then he became more mobile and wanted to be free. It was sad for a while that he didn’t want to cuddle up and lay on me anymore, but eventually I realized that he just didn’t need it anymore. Our children will always need us, it’s just that how they need us will constantly change.

This book also brought me back to when Lil C started losing her teeth. When Lil C got her first loose tooth, I was not prepared! I couldn’t remember exactly what I did growing up, just a vague memory of putting my tooth under my pillow and finding coins the next morning. But then I thought, “we can’t just put the tooth under the pillow. It’s so tiny! It will get lost!” The problem kind of solved itself because Lil C’s first lost tooth was actually lost! My daughter was eating and when she turned to tell me something, the tooth was just gone! I’m fairly certain she swallowed it while she was eating. So, we wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining what had happened, put it in an envelope, and stuck it under her pillow. From then on, Lil C has wanted to write a note to the tooth fairy so we stick the tooth in the envelope with the note.

Our solution worked to keep the tiny teeth from getting lost in the bed, but I love the idea of a tooth pillow! It’s just so cute! What child wouldn’t want a special little pillow? Now I absolutely want to make a pair of tooth fairy pillows for my children! I immediately set about browsing the internet for ideas and these are my favorite:

Tooth Fairy Pillows


I hope you check out “Lexi’s Special Tooth Fairy Pillow” by Ann Morris! If you are also inspired to make a tooth fairy pillow – or if your children already have them – we’d love to see photos!

Lexi's Special Tooth Fairy Pillow