We're still reading " Brandon Goes to Hong Kong " and today we "visited" Disneyland Hong Kong and explored dragons...

Hong Kong Mini Unit Study Day 4


We're still reading "Brandon Goes to Hong Kong" and today we "visited" Disneyland Hong Kong and explored dragons some more. I think Lil C's dragon lunch was my favorite part of today! I cut a spinach crepe into squiggly and spiky pieces so she could make a dragon shape and she chose the toppings she wanted to make scales and a face. 

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Lil C also made her own paper dragon, inspired by the one Brandon's cousin Kelsey makes in the book. She made the whole thing completely on her own with 0% input or help from me. It makes me a little sad that she's growing up but also excited because I can't wait to see everything that will come out of that amazing creative brain of hers!

Our afternoon was all about Disneyland Hong Kong. We collected as many Disney figures as we could find and began creating a mini Disneyland.

There was a Vampirina stage show...

...a carousel near a river with some bridges...

...a superhero-villian meet and greet area...

...and my personal favorite, the tea cup ride! Lil C and Squidgy worked together to decorate the ride and make a pathway.

Here's a close-up of the ride. The whole platform spins as well as each individual "cup." I may have to brainstorm to see how we can make a larger version that minifigures can sit in and that ideally look a little more like teacups...

No amusement park trip would be complete without purchasing some sort of snacks or treats so I pulled out the snacks my husband picked up at our local Asian market, set prices for each item and gave the kids $5 each to spend on snacks.

They figured out how to split their purchases so both of them could try a little bit of everything. There were ice cream cone wafers, shrimp chips, mini koala cookies, and mochi. 

Speaking of mochi, I know mochi is Japanese and not Chinese, but we watched the Rice episode of the new Netflix series, "Waffles and Mochi" today. The show is super cute and if you have Netflix I highly recommend you check it out with your kids!

That's all for today! We'll be back tomorrow with the conclusion of our mini unit study and more dragons!

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