As we finished up our tour of Hong Kong, we drew dragons like the one Brandon thought he saw in " Brandon Goes to Hong Kong ." W...

Hong Kong Mini Unit Study Day 5


As we finished up our tour of Hong Kong, we drew dragons like the one Brandon thought he saw in "Brandon Goes to Hong Kong." We'll have to finish coloring them in tomorrow!

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We also did a little research on Chinese poetry and were inspired by Lu Shi and Gu Ti poems. In a nutshell, both Lu Shi and Gu Ti are based on couplets, but there is no required amount or upper limit of couplets. Gu Ti is more free verse while Lu Shi is more rigid in structure and rhyme and both are narrative poems. We decided to write our own dragon poem, leaning a little more toward the free verse style, but rhyming the last word of each line in the couplet. Lil C's ideas were more elaborate than I expected so we didn't finish writing the entire poem, but here's a snippet!

Once upon a time, I was taking a walk and came across a flowery field.
In the middle was a dragon - I held up my shield!
Her scales were green from her head to her tail
With flowery purple spots and a tail that resembled kale.
As she stared at me with gentle emerald green eyes,
My fear vanished, because she seemed to kind and wise. 
We also made flying dragons. They're very simple to make! Cover a toilet paper roll with colored paper of your choice then glue or tape on a head, wings, and tail. To make it fly, tie or wrap a long string to a doorknob or railing, leaving two long pieces of string on either side. Slip both ends of the string through the cardboard tube and gently pull them apart to make your dragon "fly" to the top of the string!

Our final destination on this Hong Kong vacation was Kowloon. We took the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor, bought some more snacks at the markets, and rode the Central--Mid-Levels Escalator! I'm glad it was a virtual experience because escalators are not my favorite thing - I get paranoid I'm going to trip or fall every time!

Tomorrow we will officially conclude our Hong Kong vacation with dim sum! We picked up a bunch of different dumplings and buns that we are going to cook up and I'm so excited to eat them all! I hope you enjoyed coming on this little trip with us and I can't wait to bring you along on another one!

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