This week we're heading to Kenya - just in time for the great migration ! Every year, millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle follo...

Read and Rise Global Explorers 2021 - Kenya


This week we're heading to Kenya - just in time for the great migration! Every year, millions of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle follow the rain and lush grasses from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. At this time of year, the herds are heading north to Kenya. The zebra usually lead the way and eat the uppermost grass, leaving the shorter greener grass for the wildebeest. I love this example of animals living in harmony with each other and the earth!

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This country stop may not have as many printables, but I still have lots of resources for you and an interesting fact! Since Kenya lies on the equator, I assumed it would be hot. However, the highest temperature ever recorded in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is 95०F and the lowest recorded was 40०F. In general, temperatures range between 68 and 82०F year-round and the forecasted high for tomorrow in Nairobi is only 72! That seems so cool to us - it's 87 and humid here in New Jersey!

"First Come the Zebra" by Lynne Barasch is a wonderful story of coexistence. It tells the story of Abaani, a Maasai boy, and Haki, a Kikuyu boy who meet and instantly dislike each other because of traditional conflicts between the two tribes. However, when a baby ends up in danger, they work together to save the child. It's the first step in seeing past their differences and starting on the road toward friendship and harmonious coexistence. This is mirrored by the arrival of the zebra herds of the great migration.

I love not only the message of peace and harmony with each other and the land but also the reminder that children can ignite change and make a difference in this world.



The Disney Junior show The Lion Guard incorporates many Swahili words. Swahili is the national language of Kenya. Give these songs a listen and learn a few new words!

"A Beautiful Day" by Beau Black

Ugali - the best way I can describe ugali is a stiff, firm cornmeal porridge

Chipsi Mayai - fries in an omelet! My kids thought it was genious!

Kachumbari - a fresh tomato and onion salad that reminds me of pico de gallo and fresh tomato bruschetta

Chapati - this flatbread originated in India but differs from the Indian version because of the addition of oil and rolling to create layers - much like the Chinese Scallion Pancakes we made when "visiting" China!

Egg Carton Mancala Game - Mancala is a game played in East Africa and you can make your own game board out of an egg carton!

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