This week we're going to visit another island country full of volcanoes - Iceland! But since Iceland lies just at the edge of the Arct...

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This week we're going to visit another island country full of volcanoes - Iceland! But since Iceland lies just at the edge of the Arctic Circle, the weather definitely won't be hot so don't forget to pack some sweaters and jackets! Like the Philippines, Iceland is more than just one island. There's one big island plus about 30 smaller islands. This includes Westman Islands which are considered to have the largest Atlantic puffin colony in the world and are featured in this week's story.

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Read: "Lundi the Lost Puffin" by Eric Newman tells the story of the puffins who are born in Westman Islands. In August and September, the pufflings leave their burrows and fly to the ocean where they will spend most of the rest of the year. But many of the pufflings accidentally end up landing in town instead of in the ocean! It is thought that pufflings follow the light of the moon reflecting on the ocean but get confused by the lights of the town and head in the wrong direction. Listen to the story to find out how these pufflings get rescued and sent in the right direction every year.

In my research, I learned that there was a massive volcanic eruption on Westman Islands in 1973 which lasted for months, destroyed about 1/3 of the homes on the island, and covered the entire thing with ash! You can read more here: The Volcanic Eruption 1973

Iceland Activity Booklet - This printable booklet includes some interesting information about Iceland as well as a recipe, a couple crafts, and some Icelandic words to learn. You will also find your Iceland passport stamp here.

Iceland Postcard - Here's a printable postcard from author Eric Newman!


Glaciers with Chocolate - this video from MIT and Khan Academy demonstrates how glaciers form using a lot of grated chocolate!

Pönnukökur - these Icelandic pancakes are very similar to crepes and are light and delicious! There is another recipe in the activity booklet.

Icelandic Provisions Icelandic Skyr - this brand of Icelandic yogurt is the only one made in the US with Icelandic cultures

Guide to Iceland's Delicious Icelandic Recipes - here are some more recipes to try, I want to test out the Icelandic Cocoa Soup soon!

Instructions for both of these can be found in the Iceland Activity Booklet

Viking Shield

Glacier Play

I'm glad you came along to Iceland with us! If you want to really travel to Iceland, check out Eric Newman's site, Iceland with Kids and guide book of the same name, Iceland with Kids. You can find a lot of useful information on the site and he offers custom itinerary planning as well as services as a personal guide!

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